Ragnarok Landverse: Exciting Guild Wars Updates & Rewards for adventure!


Exciting Updates to Guild Wars in Ragnarok Landverse!
Ragnarok Landverse’s new update for brave warriors is here! Enjoy thrilling new gameplay mechanics and fantastic rewards.
Additionally, we introduce a new donation system for support-type users who enjoy aiding their guilds. Here’s what’s new:

✨ Warp to Guild Wars with Ease!

– During the heat of WOE (War of Emperium), you can now warp directly to the active Guild War’s battleground for just 2,500 zeny. This feature is accessible through your Manual Book.

🚀 Instant Buffs for Warp Users!

– Take advantage of Warp during WOE to receive an Increase Agi Level 10 and Blessing Level 10 buff. Get ready to dive into action more powerfully!

🏆 VIP Exclusive: Guild Donations Revamped!

– VIP members, we’ve got something special for you! You can now donate ETC (trash) items to your guild, gaining points equal to their original sale value.
– Up your guild’s game by contributing up to 100k Guild EXP per day!

🎁 Rewarding Your Guild War Victories!

– We believe in rewarding every warrior. After a Guild War, active members of the victorious guild will receive awesome rewards directly through RODex (Mailbox).
– More castles under your control means more rewards! Manage multiple castles and double your rewards.

📦 Check Out the New Reward Items:

Rewards for brave warriors
Adamantine Blessing (x50)

Fragments from which part of a huge Adamantine has fallen off.
I feel a quite strong magical power.
The quantity used depends on refine level of equipment.

Weight: 0

This items can’t be trade

Advanced WoE Supply Box (x3)

A supply box containing WoE potions.
Contains the following:
50 WoE White Potion
A White Potion which weighs less than normal.
Weight: 10
20 WoE Blue Potion
A Blue Potion which weighs less than normal.
Weight: 10
This box and it’s contents are storage only.
Weight: 1

Elunium (x5)

A very light, non-toxic metal used for refining and toughening armor.

Weight: 20

This items can’t be trade

Oridecon (x5)

A widely known blessed metal to be used for refining and strengthening a weapon.
Weight: 20

This items can’t be trade


📢 Important Reminder:

Before claiming your rewards, please ensure your RODex mailbox and character’s weight limit have enough space. Don’t miss out on these fantastic rewards due to a full mailbox!

We can’t wait to see you dominate in the enhanced Guild Wars. Gear up, strategize, and conquer!

Happy Battling

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