Ragnarok Landverse: New Class 1 Job Rework Guide


Improve your gameplay with new rework on how to change class 1

No longer do you need to wait until you leave the training grounds to choose your destiny. Now, you can evolve from a Novice to any First-Class job of your choice before you even step out into the vast world!

Exciting update that’s going to change the way you start your adventures in the world of Rune Midgard!

🏹 Choose Archer, 🗡️ Swordsman, 🪄 Mage, or any other first-class job – the path is more convenient and smooth from the very beginning.

after you switch to class 1!, Begin your journey now in Izlude

Follow the steps in the Video below and adjust for the new update Today!

Please Noted
You need to reach Job Level 10 and use all skill point to be eligible for changing to a first class job.


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