Vote for new class 2-2


Cast your voice, call your class with they Class NPC in Prontera. 

Decide which 2-2 class comes first by voting for your class with Zeny in Ragnarok Landverse.
This is not only a chance for you to decide, but also an opportunity to explore the rewards we’ve featured for your vote, which you will love.
Whether it’s Enriched Elunium, Enriched Oridecon, Adamantine Blessing, or the exclusive Costume Test Subject Aura for each class, there’s something for everyone.
If you want to know how to earn these rewards, let’s dive into it now!

Event Period: From December 4th, 2023, to january 14th, 2024, at 2 PM (GMT+8). With a new class release every week on Monday.

Where to vote for your class?

You can find Class NPC in Prontera. 
and cast your vote here with zeny for the class that you would like to have update on the next maintenance

What classes are available for voting?

The available 2-2 classes for voting are as follows:

※Bard and Dancer are included in the same NPC voting, so there will be a total of 6 choices for voting.

What happens if the class I vote for wins?

The NPC for that class will disappear, and the new class will be released. The rewards will be sent to you on the Monday after the Maintenance.
(If the class you vote for does not win, it will retain the same points and be included in the next round until all 2-2 classes are released.)

What are the rewards for voting for a new class 2-2?

If you are the top voter for that class, you will receive a Costume Test Subject Aura with an exclusive color for your class.
Adventurers who vote with 5,000,000 Zeny or more will receive 1 Enriched Elunium and 1 Enriched Oridecon.
Adventurers who vote with 1,000,000 Zeny or more will receive 100 Adamantine Blessings.
Adventurers who vote with 100,000 Zeny or more will receive 2 Field Manuals and 2 Bubble Gums.

Monk Rogue Crusader Bard/Dancer Alchemist Sage


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