Adamantine Blessing Box for just 2990 moonstone at Moonstone Shop

🌙 From 6 November – 12 November 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

📦 Item Details:
Adamantine Blessing Box (100)
– A box containing 100 units of Adamantine Blessing.
※ Warning: Once the box is opened, it cannot be exchange and Adamantine Blessing cannot be traded

📜 Promotion Terms and Conditions:
1) 📅 Special limited-time product available from From 6 November – 12 November 11:59 PM (GMT+8)
2) 💰The Adamantine Blessing Box is priced at 2990 moonstone and is limited to 3 units per ID within the given period.
3) 🔄 Terms and conditions of this promotion are subject to change due to internal factors.


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