Battle of Midgard: Unite, Fight, and Reap the Rewards!


Battle of Midgard: Unite, Fight, and Reap the Rewards!(Beta)

Prepare for an epic showdown in the Battle of Midgard! This server-wide event invites all willing participants to face off in a grand battle.
Whether you emerge victorious or face defeat, rewards await you.

Event Schedule

  • Waiting Room Opens:  08:45 PM – 08:59 PM (GMT+8)
  • Event Starts: 09:00 PM (15-minute duration)

How to Join

  1. Notification: A notification will appear 15 minutes before the event, inviting you to join the Battle of Midgard using the ROverse Manual book.
  2. Entry Limit: The event is capped at 500 participants for testing purposes.
  3. Joining: To join, use the ROverse Manual book and select “Battle of Midgard” to teleport to the waiting room.

Battle of Midgard Stage

Pre-Event: (08:45 PM – 08:59 PM (GMT+8)

Before the Battle of Midgard commences, adventurers will have a 15-minute window to join using the ROverse Manual book.
This will teleport you to waiting room. Act quickly as only the first 500 participants will be accepted during the test phase!

The Waiting Room: (08:45 PM – 08:59 PM (GMT+8)

After you join Battle of Midgard that you will be teleport you to Waiting Room and here you will find NPCs to help you prepare before the fight start

List of NPC on waiting room

Tool Dealer: Offers items similar to those found in the Hidden Square.
Kafra NPC (No Save Option): Access Kafra services without saving your current location.
Main Event NPC: Responsible for team allocation. You’ll be assigned to either Team Gryphon or Team Petite based on a balanced distribution of Gear Score and character levels.

The Main Event (9 PM (GMT+8) )

Team Standby After team allocation, players will wait in a designated area until the event starts at 09:00 PM.
Respawn Points :
– Randomly generated within the area.
– Players are invincible in the respawn area.

How to win:
– Each team earns 1 point for each kill they achieve.
– Friendly fire is not allowed; you cannot kill members of your own team.
– Upon death, players will respawn instantly at one of the designated respawn points.
– The total battle duration is 15 minutes, after which the event ends.
– The team that accumulates the most kills within the 15-minute timeframe will be declared the winner.

Post-Event: Scoreboard and Exit
The map will transition to a “No PVP” state. A scoreboard displaying the Top 10 players with the highest kills will be shown. All players will be teleported out of the event area.


  • Winning Team: 200% EXP and drop rate boost for 30 minutes.
  • Losing Team: 100% EXP and drop rate boost for 30 minutes

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