Freya Server Race to 99


Freya Server Race to 99

Race to 99 event on the Freya server has begun! Show off your skills in Freya server.
Be among the players to reach Top Player Costume for that class.

This special Costume (Upper) is crafted just for you, signifying to everyone that you’re a Top Player!
Simply obtain it by being among the first characters to reach level 99 in each class category.

Eligible Classes and Rewards:
– Assassin: Title: AS No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)
– Blacksmith: Title: BS No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)
– Knight: Title: KN No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)
– Wizard: Title: WZ No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)
– Hunter: Title: HT No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)
– Priest: Title: PR No.1 & Top Player Costume (Upper)

※Please Noted
– This event will only have effect on Freya server
– The content and time may be subject to change based on internal circumstances.
– ROverse team reserve the right to change terms and conditions without prior notice.
–  The decision of the event team is final.

For class 2-2 Race click here (coming soon)

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