Minting Systems 2.0


Minting Systems 2.0

New update that allow you to Seamlessly Transfer In-Game Items to the Marketplace Through NPCs—No Logout Required!


A Simple 5-Step Guide to Mint Your Items

Step 1
Navigate to Prontera: Head over to the coordinates 139, 124 within the game world.


Step 2
Interact with the Cash Sales Guide NPC:
Once you’re in Prontera, find the NPC named Cash Sales Guide
and choose the option to “Enter Kafra Shop.

Step 3
Meet the Mint Helper: Inside the Kafra Shop, you’ll find another NPC called Mint Helper.
This is where you’ll select which item you’d like to mint. (To mint each item, a fee of 100 Moonstones and VIP is required.)

Step 4
Mint Your Item:
Choose your desired item and click the “Sell” button.
This will transfer the item to the online platform.



Step 5
Check Your Minted Items Online:
Once the item is minted in-game, it will become available on the website.
You can then opt to “Mint from Web” to list it on the marketplace.

Video How To Mints 2.0




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