Monster Spotlight I


Monster Spotlight I : Defeat the designated monster to gain more experience

Event Date 📅 : 13th to 15th October until 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

Target Monster Attributes:

  • Race: Demi-human. Earn an extra 25% BaseEXP & JobEXP.
  • Size: Small. Bag an additional 25% BaseEXP & JobEXP.
  • Property: Shadow. Secure a bonus 25% BaseEXP & JobEXP.

Important: The percentage of experience points (EXP) earned from monster hunting cannot stack to receive additional maximum bonuses; it is capped at 25% only.

Level up faster by focusing on these monster hunts, perfect for those passionate about progressing swiftly!

For detailed Monster stats, visit our website: 📖 Landverse WorldMap

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