Gameplay Update 1.0a


General Updates


Automatic Player

  • Enhanced automated behavior for caster classes.

Battle Pass

  • Fixed a visual bug where completed quests appeared as completed even after a midnight reset.


Skill Updates


Undying Love (Wedding Skill)

  • Added fixed cast time.

Adrenaline Rush

  • Slightly increased attack speed.

Two-Hand Quicken

  • Slightly increased attack speed.

Venom Splasher

  • Fixed a bug where Venom Splasher could not be dodged using the Thief’s Hiding skill.


Item Updates


Holy Water

  • Priests can now consume Holy Water to increase attack speed.

All-in-One Ring

  • Fixed incorrect effects provided to players.

Pecopeco Hairband

  • Fixed incorrect effects provided to players.

Costume Adventure Cat’s Bag

  • Fixed a bug where the Costume Adventure Bag from the Level Up Milestone event could not be stored.


Moonstone Shop Updates


New Item: Universal Scroll


System Updates


Mining System
  • Fixed a bug where an ore could become stuck when a player logs out during mining.
Card Collection Exchange
  • Added Umbala Dungeon Collection
  • Added¬†Beach Dungeon Collection
  • Removed Ant Hell Collection
  • Removed Payon Dungeon (1) Collection
Collection System
  • Added C Sleep Sheep Hat
    MaxHP +50, HP +1%
  • Added Umbala Dungeon Collection
  • Added Beach Dungeon Collection
Automatic Battle System
  • Renamed items in the Consumable Usage list for better understanding.
  • Added Siege White Potion to the Potion Settings.
  • Added Siege Blue Potion to the Potion Settings.
Refinement System
  • Fixed incorrect messages in the refinement system.
PK System
  • Geffen Dungeon F2 is now a PK map (Dracula MVP).
  • Turtle Palace is now a PK map (Turtle General MVP).
Gachapon Recycle

Adventurers can exchange their items back into their original scroll form with Universal Exchange NPC [Alexa].

  • Costume Sleep Sheep – x10 Universal Scroll
  • Robo Eye – x10 Universal Scroll
  • Pink Pajamas Hat [1] – x5 Universal Scroll
  • Blue Pajamas Hat [1] – x5 Universal Scroll
  • Ninja Scroll – x3 Universal Scroll
  • Pirate Dagger – x3 Universal Scroll
  • Soulless Wing – x2 Universal Scroll
  • Observer – x2 Universal Scroll
  • Romantic White Flower – x2 Universal Scroll